What to Expect During Your Initial Visits

Your initial visits when you come to our office are the most important, as this is when we gather all of the necessary information and dental records needed for a seamless and efficient treatment.

All the decisions that we will be making for the next 18-30 months will be made in the first couple appointments, so we make sure that these appointments are thorough and productive:

Beautiful young woman sitting on chair in dental office waiting for dental exam
Step 1: Free Initial Exam

Determine your treatment goals, gather your preliminary diagnosis, determine which appliance you would like, and determine whether you are ready to begin treatment.

Dental 3d scanner and monitor in the dentist's office
Step 2: Records

Gather photos of your face and teeth, take necessary X-rays, and take your 3D tooth scan.

Dentist discussing with laying patient showing the image of his teeth on the screen
Step 3: Consult

Discuss the official diagnosis, treatment plan/length, answer all of your questions, and determine the financial arrangement that works best for you.

Beautiful girl with braces smiles in dentistry.
Step 4: Get Started on you Smile Transformation!

Placement of braces, aligners, or appliance.