Meet Your Board-certified Orthodontist

Kyle Kuzmic, DDS, MS

Born and raised in Indianapolis, Dr. Kyle Kuzmic attended the International School of Indiana, where he learned to speak fluent French! He then got his degrees in Human Biology and French at Indiana University Bloomington, where he graduated with Highest Distinction. He earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at Indiana University School of Dentistry, where he finished #1 in his class of over 100 dentists. He did so while serving as class Vice President and member of the Graduate and Professional Student Government at IUPUI. Rounding out his education, Dr. Kuzmic completed his orthodontic residency at Texas A&M College of Dentistry, where he developed the “Aggie Bite Chart”, an evidence-based food recommendation chart for orthodontic patients (see below).

The esteemed orthodontic residency program at Texas A&M challenges its residents to treat only the hardest of cases, so giving you that perfect smile will be no problem!

Dr. Kuzmic is a huge Colts and Pacers fan, loves jamming on the electric guitar, and playing tennis. You may see him rollerblading around town, to which he hopes you won’t take pictures! He and his wife love dogs, so much that they fostered 10 pups from the SPCA of Dallas while in Texas, all of which were successfully adopted. Finally, Dr. Kuzmic and his wife have one son, Clark, and are welcoming their 2nd child in March of 2024! They hope that one day they too will be placing braces and creating amazing smiles!

The Aggie Bite Chart

Dr. Kuzmic realized early on in his training that simply instructing his braces patients to avoid foods that are hard, sticky, and chewy was too broad. It lead to frustrated patients that would either ignore the recommendation, or limit their diet too excessively.

Therefore, he conducted hundreds of hours of research measuring the strength of the bond that holds braces to the teeth, and compared that to the forces that 50 common food items place on braces. This resulted in the food recommendation chart you see on your right! Please avoid the red foods while you have your braces on and be very careful with those in yellow, chewing them slowly and deliberately.