We understand that it can be uncomfortable and time-consuming for patients worried about the initial process of wearing braces. To resolve this issue found in offices everywhere, Dr. Kuzmic works with the indirect bonding technique to ensure a faster, more accurate application of brackets. Hence, patients can spend less time in treatment and more time seeing the results of their orthodontic care.

What is Indirect Bonding?

Traditional methods for bracket placement usually involve individual brackets placed directly on the teeth one at a time. It’s an uncomfortable and outdated process because it’s more prone to inaccuracies, repositionings, and trauma to the patient.

This process starts with creating a mold of your teeth. Through the use of the replica in our labs, Dr. Kuzmic will place each bracket individually on the mold to ensure correct placement. Once correctly placed, Dr. Kuzmic will create a customized tray to transfer the brackets from the tooth model to your teeth. It’s as simple as that!

At Kuzmic Orthodontics, Dr. Kuzmic works with the latest equipment and techniques to provide the best care possible for his patients. The indirect bonding process is a revolutionary technique that places patient comfort first. As part of our core values, the indirect bonding process keeps more patients comfortable and happy during their procedures by:

  • Better Accuracy: As a more accurate method, the brackets can be visualized at every angle to see all the details of your treatment. This allows Dr. Kuzmic to ensure precise placement and a smoother experience for you.
  • Methodical and Consistent: This process can be easily repeated for all orthodontic cases and allows for a more systematic bonding process.
  • Improved Comfort For Patients: Patients don’t have to wait hours in the office chair for each bracket placement. Due to the customized tray system, patients don’t have to worry about their treatment and can fully enjoy the experience.
  • Quicker Treatment Results: Because the process is quicker, there’s less chance for saliva to contaminate the brackets, and the brackets are all secured in less time, leading to fewer bracket repositionings during installation.

Most of all, this process works for all stages of braces treatment, including follow-up appointments and regular checkups. By combining this method with our trusted appliances from 3M, this state-of-the-art technology allows you to see the results of your treatment without having to fret over any mistakes. This method can be used for 3M clear braces, 3M metal braces, and other types of braces we offer at our practice.

Why Choose Kuzmic Orthodontics for Indirect Bonding?

At Kuzmic Orthodontics, early diagnosis is the best way to prevent potential problems later in life. We work to provide a crucial role in providing your family with routine orthodontic care. Dr. Kuzmic can provide orthodontic care that extends beyond your basic needs, offering valuable advice and a compassionate outlook for your oral health. Schedule a consultation to learn more and see how we can transform your smile today.


Indirect Bonding

Braces go on in minutes, not hours! And with much greater accuracy

3D Intraoral Scanning

In many offices, the initial braces appointment can be uncomfortable. It can take hours as the orthodontist places each bracket one by one on the teeth and then positions them while you hold your mouth wide open. Not at Kuzmic Orthodontics, thanks to the bonding process Dr. Kuzmic uses called Indirect Bonding.


Indirect bonding is the technique perfected by Dr. Kuzmic where a braces transfer tray is made to transfer the braces to your teeth quickly and accurately.

3D Intraoral Scanning
an overview of the process

Why Choose this method?

Much faster

Patients don’t have to wait hours in the office chair while holding perfectly still for each bracket to be placed and positioned.

Better Accuracy

t’s much easier to see exactly where the bracket needs to be placed on your tooth without the lips, tongue, and cheeks in the way. Better bracket positioning means less time-consuming repositions, faster treatment, and better treatment outcomes.


While braces placement should never be painful, the quick process ensures that your lips and tongue are not being pressed down upon for too long.

Methodical and Consistent

This process can be easily repeated for all orthodontic cases and allows for a more systematic bonding process.