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Temporary Anchorage Devices

Making the impossible, possible…


Temporary Anchorage devices, or what we like to call Mini-Screw Implants (MSIs), are small, removeable implants that go into the gum. They are easier to place then a dental filling, and allow Dr. Kuzmic to perform certain orthodontic movements without side effects on other teeth. As such, they have revolutionized what is possible during orthodontic treatment!

They are great for:

Dr. Kuzmic places almost all MSIs himself!

No emergencies icon
No additional trips to the Oral Surgeon
Any emergencies/replacements handled in house
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Half the cost
Placed in the precise location for tooth movement efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions

If Dr. Kuzmic has prescribed MSIs as part of your treatment, it is because they are the best tool available for the job. We can likely still perform your treatment without them, but it would either be inefficient, unideal, or require heavy rubber band or headgear wear.

Gently brush around the head of the MSI with your toothbrush without hitting it with the brush head. If you have a water flosser, these are great for cleaning around the MSI. If the MSI accumulates too much plaque, it can become inflamed and lose, possible requiring removal and replacement.

For placement, yes, for removal, no. Luckily, the amount of local anesthetic used is very minor, so the injection is quite easy. We place an anesthetic jelly beforehand to make you or your child’s experience as comfortable as possible.

You may expect about a day of soreness around the area after placement, but after that, you forget that they are there. Just like getting your ears pierced!