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In-House Laboratory

Click the images above to view some of our in-house appliances and molds!

We are so blessed to have a full service, in-house orthodontic lab run by the amazing Angie Evans. In most offices, in order to receive your wired appliances and retainers, a digital or traditional impression needs to be taken of your teeth and sent off to a lab. This takes time, and can result in appliances that are not designed exactly how the doctor wants.

Thanks to our in-house lab, our wired retainer turnaround time is 2 days, and appliances such as expanders and space maintainers can be delivered in as soon as a few days, rather than weeks. On top of that, Dr. Kuzmic and Angie can fully customize them, and repair them incredibly quickly if needed.

Very fast or Same-day Repairs

Broken retainers and appliances happen. Whether it was your dog or the school trash can, it can be a frustration, and the teeth can move if not acted upon fast enough.

Custom Colors

Retainers may not be the coolest thing in the world, but we can make them just a little cooler with custom colors!

Fit Incredibly Well

Angie is not only our laboratory technician, but also our lead assistant. Therefore, she knows you and your teeth, which translates to well-fitting appliances needing little to no adjustment.

Fully Customizable

Making everything in-house means we can customize your appliances to fit whatever orthodontic need you have.