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Dr. Kuzmic is not just a wonderful orthodontist, but also a wonderful person! His extraordinary care over the course of our daughter’s treatment can be characterized in so many ways: friendly, meticulous expertise, thoughtfully instructive, thoroughly detailed, gracious, kindhearted, diligent, excellently precise, engaging and on & on! It was a bittersweet day when the braces came off knowing a goodbye was inevitable. Dr. Kuzmic will always have our family’s gratitude for the gift of a beautiful, lifelong smile!


Dr. Kuzmic is an amazing orthodontist and i really enjoyed our time together! he’s very understanding and gentle, plus he’s really good at what he does. my teeth look way better now, thanks to him!

Ledia C.

Dr. Kuzmic is a great orthodontist. He is thorough and highly professional. My daughter’s teeth look perfect, and I would happily refer him to anyone. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result after braces. Dr. Kuzmic did a great job!

Amy T.

Dr.Kuzmic is in my opinion, one of the best possible choices as an orthodontic care provider by far. He is extremely talented and passionate in what he does, paying attention to fine details and planning ahead for what is best for his patients. Not only that, he is also very professional and understanding went it comes to the client making mistakes. When I was his patient, I struggled with time management and would constantly get late or miss the appointment entirely. Instead of getting frustrated (as I would have if I were in his position), he was extraordinary understanding and made adjustments on the fly. By the end of my treatment under him, my teeth are tremendously symmetrical and my previous over-bite is now fixed. I couldn’t be more happy with the excellent job he did. If he could fix my teeth, he can fix yours.

Joshua P.

Dr Kuzmic thoroughly explained everything to my teen in teen terms. He is so capable and relatable. Thank you, Dr Kuzmic for helping make my teen beam!

Homer A.

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